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New Hanover Town Center

Combining family, community, recreation and convenience while meeting New Hanover Township's goals.

About the Town Center

New Hanover Town Center is a proposed development that would provide for new homes, 68 acres of open space, a bike trail, a community pavilion, recreational playground space, alongside attractive dining, retail, and convenience opportunities for the township.

The proposed development will create a revitalized community with new grocery and retail and a robust family friendly environment. New Hanover Town Center will deliver new opportunities for the Township, meeting many of its comprehensive plan goals and objectives.


The revised preliminary plan has been under review by the Township since December 2019. In addition to meeting the Township’s goals and objectives, it meets all zoning requirements and is ready to move forward for approval.

About the Village
Town Center Facts
Clean Neighborhood

Delivers Walkable Village

New homes will connect to recreational spaces and retail conveniences, creating a walkable environment.

Town Center Facts

Delivers Walkable Village

Brings a vibrant walkable, recreational, and open community center to meet New Hanover’s needs and offers a mix of housing types as the township’s population grows.


Expands Grocery and Dining Choices

Delivers high-quality, fresh food grocery at a convenient location with new dining establishments. The local area is underutilized for grocery opportunities. This plan would be mutually beneficial to the consumer and to store owners.

Preserves Open Space for Recreation

Preserves 68 acres of open space, for bike trails, playgrounds, a volleyball court, planting area, and sitting areas. The plan meets all environmental preservation requirements to ensure a vibrant, family-friendly setting.


Tax Revenue/Economic Boost

Generates a $3,614,361 net annual fiscal impact for New Hanover Township and the Boyertown Area School District combined. With income and property taxes providing the bulk of the Township’s general operating funds, seeking opportunities for economic growth and development would benefit the level of services for all residents, and provide $3,427,209 for the Boyertown Area School District annually.


New Job Opportunities and Business Synergies

Creates 563 new jobs and economic opportunities for the township while giving residents easy access to new grocery, retail and dining options. The project delivers long-overdue opportunities that will benefit residents and businesses for generations to come.

Our Location

Our Location

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Get Involved

Get Involved

SIGN UP NOW to support the New Hanover Town Center, which will be home to new residences, recreational opportunities, retail stores and family-friendly entertainment.

Call the Township to voice your support: 


Email: Just add your name, zipcode and hit send

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New Hanover Township Board of Supervisors
2943 North Charlotte Street

Gilbertsville, PA 19525-9718

Clean Neighborhood
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